Important Information About Closing On Your Home

Important Information About Closing On Your Home

Closing Day is the pinnacle of buying or selling a home. To ensure everything goes smoothly, as-planned and on-time, make sure your title company has this important information prior to the date of closing.


  • Your Lender’s name and contact info.
  • Your Homeowner’s insurance company and contract info.
  • Who you chose for your home warranty.



  • Social Security number.
  • Loan number and contract info for existing mortgage company. What was the date of your most recent mortgage payment? Do you plan on making any additional payments before closing day?
  • Marital and homestead status.
  • Are you a widow/widower? Is there a will? If yes, has the will been probated? If no will, are there any heirs, and if so, are they minors?
  • Has a divorce occurred? And if yes, has it been finalized?
  • Is there an HOA (Home Owners’ Association)? If so, what is the management company’s name and contact info?
  • Your forwarding address.
  • Preferred method of receiving money. Provide your banking information if wire desired. If you owe any money at closing, any amount over $1,499 will need to be in the form of a certified or cashier’s check.
  • Is there another closing contingent on this closing?
  • Will you be attending the closing?


What To Bring To Closing Day:

  • Government issued photo ID.
  • Certified or cashier’s check for any money over $1,499.
  • Repair receipts.
  • Wiring Info (if necessary): Bank name, ABA number, name on account, account number.
  • All keys and garage door openers to the property.

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